St. Joseph’s Journal of Humanities and Science


St. Joseph’s Editorial-Board welcomes all the researchers in various disciplines of science and humanities to submit their manuscripts for the publications in the second issue of St. Joseph’s Journal of Humanities and Science (ISSN: 2347-5331). The Journal publishes original contributions from diverse subjects and areas of development. Studies involving novel development & technical advances are most welcome.

To qualify for publication, submitted manuscripts must NOT be previously published or under consideration elsewhere.

St. Joseph’s Editorial- Board will perform a quick review of each manuscript to evaluate the manuscript in terms of novelty, quality and appropriateness and may return the manuscript immediately if it does not meet minimum standards of quality and originality. Manuscripts will ONLY be accepted in electronic format at the email ID:

Guidelines for Submission of Papers:

1. The full length paper should be prepared in MS-word, Font- Times of New Roman 12, not exceeding 10 pages should reach the St. Joseph’s Editorial-Board.
2. Submission of Paper should include the followings:
Covering letter*
List of reviewers*

* The paper will be returned if the paper is not accompanied the marked items.

St. Joseph’s Editorial Board

Rev.Fr. S. Xavier, Dean of Studies

Prof. M. Arumaiselvam, Vice Principal