• Friday, December 1, 2023

Department of Biochemistry  
 I – B.Sc Biochemistry  

SubjectSubject Code
Biomolecules – IBC101S
Cell BiologyBC102S
Allied ChemistryACH101T
Functional English – ILE101T
Tamil – I / Hindi – I / French – ILT101T/LH101S/LF101
Value EducationVE101T

SubjectSubject Code
Biomolecules – IIBC203S
Nutritional BiochemistryBC204S
Analytical ChemistryACH202T
Functional English – IILE202T
Tamil – II / Hindi – II / French – IILT202T/LH202S/LF202
Dynamics of personality  /Basic TamilEPD201T/ EBT201

II – B.Sc Biochemistry

SubjectSubject Code
Analytical Biochemistry –IBC304S
Allied MicrobiologyAMBC302
Functional English –IIILE303T
Tamil – III / Hindi – III / French – IIILT303T/LH303S/LF303
First AidAOFA301

SubjectSubject Code
Intermediary MetabolismBC405S
Analytical Biochemistry –IIBC406S
Advanced ZoologyAZBC401T
Functional English – IVLE404T
Tamil – IV / Hindi – IV / French – IVLT404T/LH404S/LF404
Environmental ScienceEVS401S

III – B.Sc Biochemistry

SubjectSubject Code
Molecular BiologyBC507S
Environmental toxicology and Herbal MedicineEBC509B
Plant BiochemistryEBC510A


SubjectSubject Code
Medical Bio chemistryBC611S
Biotechnology & Genetic EngineeringBC612S
Medical physiologyEBC613B
Medical Lab TechnologyEBC614B

I – M.Sc Biochemistry 

SubjectSubject Code
Bio Organic ChemistryPBC701S
Principles of cell biologyPBC702S
Intermediary MetabolismPBC703S
Clinical NutritionEPBC704S

SubjectSubject Code
Molecular BiologyPBC805S
Analytical BiochemistryPBC807S
Advanced EndocrinologyEPBC808S

II – M. Sc Biochemistry 

SubjectSubject Code
Advanced Clinical BiochemistryPBC909S
Advanced BiotechnologyPBC911S
Developmental and Inheritance BiologyEPBC912A
Human RightsECHR901S 


SubjectSubject Code
Molecular PhysiologyPBC1013S
Research methodology and BiostatisticsPBC1014S