Advisory Committee


The tremendous development of St. Joseph’s Library is because of the valuable guidance and help of the advisory committee. The Committee was formed by the management in the year 2002 under the Chairmanship of the Principal of the College.  The details of the Committee members are:

Members                :

Rev. Fr. G. Peter Rajendiram ,Secretary

Rev. Fr. Dr.S. Xavier, Dean of Studies

Dr. S. Chinnappan, Principal

Mr. M. Arumai Selvam, Vice-Principal

Dr. I. Savarimuthu, Head,  Dept. of Commerce

Mrs. Jeyanthii Ravichandran, Head, Dept. of English

Rev. Fr. A. Alex, Head,Dept. of B.Com Bank Management

Dr. R. Vidya, Dept. of Computer Science

Mrs. A. Arockiamary, Dept. of Mathematics

Mrs. S. Celine Hilda Mary, Dept. of Biochemisty

Dr. P. John Thomas, Dept. of Microbiology

Mrs. Ida Joicey, Dept. of English

Mr. A. Amalorpavadoss, Dept. of Chemistry

Mr. S. Sridhar  Librarian

Mrs. J. Kavitha  Asst. Librarian

Mr. L. Antoniraj Office Manager & Superintendent