AICUF-All India Catholic University Federation is a movement of university students with a vision for a new and just society. Progressing in a history of constant rediscovery and re-creation. AICUF ever tries to link itself to the emerging needs and realities of the university , the church and the wider society. AICUF is affiliated to PAX ROMANA-International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS)

Name of the Coordinators:

Dr. P. Arul Prasad, M.Phil., MBA., Ph.D.,

Mrs. A. Arokiamary M.Sc., M.Phil.,

Profile of the Organization:

The ALL INDIA CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY FEDERATION is a movement of university students and is indicated by the abbreviation AICUF. It is a national level students movement affiliated to an International body, IMCS. We the members of AICUF stand for the Service and liberation of all human persons. irrespective of caste, sex, language or belief. As members of the larger human family, we affirm our solidarity with all those engaged in the struggle for peace, human and democratic rights and for a world by growing economic interdependence and equality. it marches with the Theme “Students……To Act and to be”.

Vision of the Organization:

AICUF is here to open up hearts and minds of the young generation and to make them work towards the derived change in the society

Mission of the Organisation:

It is realized by inculcating the human values in the hearts of young minds, by developing their analytical and communicative skills, by enhancing their positive qualities and by forming appropriate and meaningful human relationships in the society

Activities of the Oraganisation:

General Activities:

Orientation Programme, Leadership training power of communication of social political economic awareness.