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Bank Management

The Department of Business Administration (Computer Applications) was started in the Year 2017. The novel idea behind the inception of the department came out of the industrial setups prevailing in the locality. The requirement of managerial persons to manage the micro, small, medium and large enterprises in the locality paved the way to start such course in our institution. The department introduces students to the field of enterprising and business operations with an essence of Information and Communication Technology blended with it.

This programme provides a fundamental exposure to the stream of Business Administration with a concentration in Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, International Business, Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems and Database Management Systems.

We create an environment of educational excellence in which students develop both technical and interpersonal skills necessary to become a successful professional.

To carter the needs of digital era, our department is a blended version of Business Administration and Computer Applications, where our students are brought up with absolute business intelligence.

To become a centre of excellence in business administration, computer applications through technology enabled learning.

To provide innovative, qualitative and sustainable business exposure that meets the aspiration of the industry.
To prepare our students for pursuing successful business related careers in the public, private sector companies.

Courses offered

BBA (Computer Applications)


BBA (Computer Applications) 2018, 2017.


Activities Report 2018-2019.