Career Guidance and Placement Cell

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Placement Officer

Rev. Fr.Dr. S. Xavier, M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil.,Ph.D.
Placement Officer.

Placement Co-ordinator (interim)

Mr.Vigneshwara Raj.D., MCA.,M.Phil.,SET.,MBA.,.,View Profile
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History of Placement Cell:

            Placement Cell is an integral part of our institution. Training activities are organized throughout the year in an effort towards preparing the prospective students for the campus selection programs. It was established in the year 1998 and was re-structured during 2003-04 to empower the student’s community in terms of providing training and securing part-time, full-time jobs. The objective of the placement cell is to encourage number of internships and create awareness among the students about the professional requirements of the employers and through the internships the students learn by experiencing the working culture of the companies and have a more mature understanding of the needs of the employers.

           The Placement cell of the institute is largely responsible and committed to the identification and catering to the need of training the students so that they are able to develop a good personality; and assist them to find right job and help them place in right companies before they pass out. We realize that in order to convert a raw student in to employable graduate, several behavioral attributes need to be addressed in addition to the development of technical skills. Some of the behavioral attributes are good communication skills, developing positive attitude towards work, understanding of moral and ethical values; to ensuring that students are aware of local and global economic scenario, to industrial and R&D trends, prediction of future technologies etc. A blend of such interpersonal skills, awareness and the essential technical training they get in their course of study makes them an ideal candidate suitable for employment and service to the nation.


Our Vision is to “To provide placement opportunities for the students in reputed organizations”.


Our Mission is “To bring out the hidden talent of the students and training the students to find their footings in the economic world”.

Activities of Placement Cell:

Ever since it came into existence, the cell has been conducting a number of Programmes aimed at developing and exhibiting the oratory skills, leadership Qualities, creativity and cognitive abilities of the students. It proves to be extremely useful to the students and enables them to shed their inhibitions and boost their Self- confidence. It plays a vital role in honing the soft skills of the students and thus facilitating them towards securing firm placement offers through campus recruitment Programmes.

Distance Education


Mr. M. Arumai Selvam M.Sc.(Maths), M.Sc.(Comp.Sci.),M.Phil., PGDCA.,

Bharathidasan University,

Vice-Principal & HOD in Computer Science

St.Joseph’s College Arts and Science (Autonomous),

Email-Id: [email protected]

Distance Education Programme by Bharathidasan University, Trichy.

Courses offered:



M.A English

M.Sc Mathematics

M.Sc Computer Science



Guidance and Counseling Centre

In the beginning of the academic year the counseling service was shifted on 15th October 2007 in the premises of our College.

The basic ethics of counseling is based on confidence and to maintain complete secrecy about the discussion between the counselor and the counselee. The service is intended to establish a relationship between the counselor and the students in which the former attempts to assist the later in achieving optimum educational, Personal, social and adjustment development.

Counseling service is not compulsory to the student.  The evening college students come for counseling from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. While the day college students come for the counseling  from 1.30 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. regularly.

The students come for counseling with educational problem mostly related to language problems, lack of concentration, lack of memory, emotional problem and misunderstanding among the friendship and love affairs. Counselor adopts different therapies and study method to help the students in achieving academic competence. The follow-up service is maintained by follow-up interviews with the students regularly.

The counselor adopts a positive self-speech exercise as a great weapon for the students in emotionally disturbed areas.

The educational, emotional and sexual problems of the students are solved by therapeutic interviews behavior modification therapies, the therapeutic interview gives a chance to the students to talk about himself, his past, his wishes and aspirations. The process of talking brings new clarity of thought, relief from over-tension and a new objectivity.

Apart from personal counseling, group counseling is also given to the students. The interaction which takes place in group counseling offers the student a means of gaining insight and understanding into his/her own problems through listening to other students disusing their difficulties.

Guidance and counseling’s provided to the students in special areas such as
-emotionally disturbed areas
In extension programme, counseling service is given to,
-School students.
-Village people.

Counselling service is also provided for 10th and 12th outgoing students about their success in the exam.
Guidance and counseling center provides special attention to the Ramapuram village under extension programme.
We would like to present the stastical information and also the quantitative data with regard to the services provided for the students and the clients.

The problems dealt during the sessions vary. They are listed for reference as given below.

Lack of memory.
Lack of concentration.
No interest in studies.
Examination anxiety.
Poor presentation.
Career guidance.
Friends and family non-cooperation.

Sexual feelings about opposite sex.
Love affairs/Love failure.
Feelings of inferiority complex.
Feeling of isolation.
Tension and anxiety.
Suicidal tendency.
Lack of self-confidence.
Negative self-concept.

Memory and forgetting.
Lack of acceptability in the environment.
Motivation of the learner.
How to pass in the exam.

Use of different therapies and exercise for the students.
Catharsis therapy.
Music therapy.
Play therapy.
Situation group therapy.
A version therapy.
Diversion therapy.
Behavior modification therapy.
Cognitive therapy.
Spiritual therapy.
Positive self speech exercise.
Enhancement of concentration exercise.
Relation therapy.
Motivation therapy.


Conscious of the problems involved in conveyance by other buses, Our College operates bus fleet from Pondicherry, Panruti, Sathipattu and Vadalur. Commutation by the buses, besides being Safe, Comportable and Convenient, is an immense pleasure.


Located between Maithri Bhavan and Durier Block and Surrounded by a Coconut grove the Canteen named St.Joseph’s Cafe offers breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, soft drinks, juice, etc to more than 5000 students of the Campus. It had been a long cherished dream of our Rev. Fr. Dr. I. Ratchagar, Secretary to provide our college with a standard canteen and he made it come true.

Prayer Hall

The New Tarbes Block is housing the Prayer Hall with the sacramental presence, it is a quite place with great power to make a sour heart sweet, a sad heart mercy, a poor heart rich, a foolish heart wise, a timid heart brave, a sick heart well, a blind heart full of sight and a cold heart ardent. The mental health of all the students is sustained by the miraculous presence of the prayer hall. 

Seminar Hall

Rev. Fr. R. Ratchagar Hall

Rev. Fr. R. Ratchagar Hall is located in the 1st floor of the Administrative Block. It serves as a valuation centre for the autonomous system. Seminars and in service programmes for the professors are held there. Resource persons from outside visit our campus to render such programmes.

Conference Hall

Rev. Fr. M. A. Ratchakar Hall

The Petrine Jubilee Convention Hall houses a conference hall which has seating capacity of 300 persons. it is named M. A. Ratchakar(1993-1996) who was a pioneering former principal of our prestigious college. This conference hall is occupied almost everyday by our students to conduct National and International Seminars and Conferences to hold Association functions of various departments, etc. Sometimes local government functions are also held there.

Rev. Fr.  A. J. Lawrence Hall

Rev. Fr.  A. J. Lawrence Hall(2002-2006) facing Rev. Fr. Secretary’s office in the Administrative Block serves as a record maintenance room. It houses a number of computers which preserves confidential records of the college with a full time employed person look after it. 

Indoor Auditorium

The durier block (Bio_Chemistry)and The Ruby jubilee block (Computer Science block) was interconnected with a state of the art ruffing structure and grand indoor Auditorium has been made available. It is named as PETRINE JUBILEE HALL , in the Silver Jubilee anniversary of (25 years) Pope John Paul II becoming as the Holy father .It is a multipurpose hall used for Acadamic celebrations,Cultural activities and sports Activities. The Auditorium is fully equipped with the audio control panels.