Guidance and Counseling Centre

The basic ethics of counseling is based on confidence and to maintain complete secrecy about the discussion between the counselor and the counselee. The service is intended to establish a relationship between the counselor and the students in which the former attempts to assist the later in achieving optimum educational, Personal, social and adjustment development.

Counseling service is not compulsory to the students. The evening college students come for counseling from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. While the day college students come for counseling  from 1.30 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. regularly.

The students come for counseling with educational problem mostly related to language problems, lack of concentration, lack of memory, emotional problem and misunderstanding among the friendship and love affairs. Counselor adopts different therapies and study method to help the students in achieving academic competence. The follow-up service is maintained by  interviews with the students regularly.

The counselor adopts a positive self-speech exercise as a great weapon for the students in emotionally disturbed areas.

The educational, emotional and sexual problems of the students are solved by therapeutic interviews behavior modification therapies, the therapeutic interview gives a chance to the students to talk about himself, his past, his wishes and aspirations. The process of talking brings new clarity of thought, relief from over-tension and a new objectivity.

Apart from personal counseling, group counseling is also given to the students. The interaction which takes place in group counseling offers the students a means of gaining insight and understanding into his/her own problems through listening to other students disusing their difficulties.

Guidance and counseling are provided to the students in special areas such as
-emotionally disturbed areas
In extension programme, counseling service is given to,
-School students.
-Village people.

Counselling service is also provided for 10th and 12th outgoing students about their success in the exam.
Guidance and counseling center provides special attention to the Ramapuram village under extension programme.
We would like to present the stastical information and also the quantitative data with regard to the services provided for the students and the clients.

The problems dealt during the sessions vary. They are listed for reference as given below.

Lack of memory.
Lack of concentration.
No interest in studies.
Examination anxiety.
Poor presentation.
Career guidance.
Friends and family non-cooperation.

Sexual feelings about opposite sex.
Love affairs/Love failure.
Feelings of inferiority complex.
Feeling of isolation.
Tension and anxiety.
Suicidal tendency.
Lack of self-confidence.
Negative self-concept.

Memory and forgetting.
Lack of acceptability in the environment.
Motivation of the learner.
How to pass in the exam.

Use of different therapies and exercise for the students.
Catharsis therapy.
Music therapy.
Play therapy.
Situation group therapy.
A version therapy.
Diversion therapy.
Behavior modification therapy.
Cognitive therapy.
Spiritual therapy.
Positive self speech exercise.
Enhancement of concentration exercise.
Relation therapy.
Motivation therapy.