Layout of the Library

Lay out of the Library

To encourage the reading habit and to benefit staff and students to enable them to easily access the required information, the Library is classified into two major layouts and Ten different sections.

Main Library Building:

The Ground Floor of the Library Consists of Six Sections.  They are

Circulation Section: Lending Books to the students and staff for their use.

Stack I : Consists of books on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Bio-chemistry, Zoology, Micro-biology, and Computer Science.

Stack II : Consists of books on History, Economics, Statistics, Commerce, English, Tamil, Psychology, Social Work, Competitive Exam and General Knowledge.

Newspaper Section:Knowing the happening in and around the world is the part of life. This section fulfills the need of news reading aspirers to daily enrich their knowledge.

Internet/Digital Library: Knowledge updating is essential for everyone and that too for the researcher is must.

The First Floor is functioning with another three important sections. They are

Journal & Magazine Section: It consists of current Journals. Research journals are arranged in subject wise order.

Reference Section: It consists mostly of Handbooks, Dictionaries, Encyclopedia, Yearbooks, Dictionaries and Rare books.

Archives: All the Back Volumes of journals are arranged in Subject Wise and Research Thesis copies available in this section.

Annexe Library Building:
The Annexe Library Building comprises of reading section at the Ground floor and First Floor. The Ground Floor is used in projecting presentations for learning purposes.