profile of the department


The department of mathematics is one among the departments serving the academic needs of the students since 1991.the department started with 35 students and 2 staff members and within.
Few decades the number increased with 588 students and 16 staff members. It offers B.Sc Maths and M.Phil programs. It qualified faculty research. In addition, it supports other courses like, M.Sc, The department also conducts various types of competitions and guest lectures, periodically to enrich the knowledge of the students.

Constantly to have the accumulation of the Knowledge, Critical analysis and the pedagogic skills

To make the Students know, what is learnt, learning to ask why, extrapolate them to new situation and develop the ability to innovate methods and theory.

Courses offered

B.Sc Mathematics
M.Sc Mathematics
M.Phil Mathematics


B.Sc Mathematics 2018, 2017, 2016.
M.Sc Mathematics 2018, 2017.


Activities Report 2016-2017.

Activities Report 2017-2018.

Activities Report 2018-2019.