Department of Biochemistry  
 I – B.Sc Biochemistry  

Subject Subject Code
Biomolecules – I BC101S
Cell Biology BC102S
Allied Chemistry ACH101T
Functional English – I LE101T
Tamil – I / Hindi – I / French – I LT101T/LH101S/LF101
Value Education VE101T

Subject Subject Code
Biomolecules – II BC203S
Nutritional Biochemistry BC204S
Analytical Chemistry ACH202T
Functional English – II LE202T
Tamil – II / Hindi – II / French – II LT202T/LH202S/LF202
Dynamics of personality  /Basic Tamil EPD201T/ EBT201

II – B.Sc Biochemistry

Subject Subject Code
Enzymes BC303S
Analytical Biochemistry –I BC304S
Allied Microbiology AMBC302
Functional English –III LE303T
Tamil – III / Hindi – III / French – III LT303T/LH303S/LF303
First Aid AOFA301

Subject Subject Code
Intermediary Metabolism BC405S
Analytical Biochemistry –II BC406S
Advanced Zoology AZBC401T
Functional English – IV LE404T
Tamil – IV / Hindi – IV / French – IV LT404T/LH404S/LF404
Environmental Science EVS401S

III – B.Sc Biochemistry

Subject Subject Code
Molecular Biology BC507S
Immunology BC508S
Environmental toxicology and Herbal Medicine EBC509B
Plant Biochemistry EBC510A


Subject Subject Code
Medical Bio chemistry BC611S
Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering BC612S
Medical physiology EBC613B
Medical Lab Technology EBC614B

I – M.Sc Biochemistry 

Subject Subject Code
Bio Organic Chemistry PBC701S
Principles of cell biology PBC702S
Intermediary Metabolism PBC703S
Clinical Nutrition EPBC704S

Subject Subject Code
Molecular Biology PBC805S
Enzymes PBC806S
Analytical Biochemistry PBC807S
Advanced Endocrinology EPBC808S

II – M. Sc Biochemistry 

Subject Subject Code
Advanced Clinical Biochemistry PBC909S
Immunology PBC910S
Advanced Biotechnology PBC911S
Developmental and Inheritance Biology EPBC912A
Human Rights ECHR901S 


Subject Subject Code
Molecular Physiology PBC1013S
Research methodology and Biostatistics PBC1014S
Pharmacology EPB1015A