Research projects Completed

Research projects Completed

Major Research Projects Completed

S.No Department Title of the Project Funding Agency Duration
1 Commerce “Empowerment of Landless Labourers in Cuddalore District” funded by Malcolm and Elizabeth Adiseshiah Trust, Chennai. Project Cost Rs.1,00,000 2 years(2008-2010)

Minor Research Projects carried out by the Departments:

S.No Department Title Of The Project Year
1 Microbiology Screening for the presence of potential bacterial pathogens from drinking water sources in Tsunami affected areas|2004–2005 2004-2005
2 Statistics A Simple Analysis on Ghee Sales Frequency Distribution 2004–2005
3 Microbiology Survey on drinking water in and around Cuddalore 2005-2006
4 Microbiology Isolation of bacterial flora from plants and their characterization 2005-2006
5 Biochemistry A Clinical Study and Assessment of Heavy Metal Toxicity in the SIPCOT area Cuddalore District 2007-2008
6 Commerce Empowerment of Women Through Micro – Financing 2007-2008
7 History Appar Tank at Karaiyeravittakuppam 2007-2008
8 Microbiology Study on waterborne pathogens, especially Vibrio cholerae 2007-2008
9 Biochemistry A Survey on type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and its Awareness in Cuddalore District 2008-2009
10 Chemistry Study of Pesticidal Residues in Agricultural Products and their Health Effects 2008-2009
11 Economics Farmers market – a review 2008-2009
12 Commerce Empowerment of Landless Agricultural Labours in Cuddalore District 2008-2009
13 History Siva Temple at Thirumanikuzhi 2008-2009
14 Microbiology Identification and Characterization of waterborne pathogens, Vibrio cholerae 2008-2009
15 Psychology A study on the level of depression and suicidal tendency in students 2008-2009
16 Statistics A Socio Economic Survey of Farmers of Cuddalore District 2008-2009
17 Zoology Vermicomposting 2008-2009
18 Chemistry Cost Effective method for the removal of HCH present in the ground water samples of SIPCOT area Cuddalore by zero valent iron nanoparticles 2010-2011
19 Bio-Chemistry A study on the dietary habits and obesity among students in St. Joseph’s College of Arts and Science (Autonomous), Cuddalore-1 2010-2011
20 Commerce Impact of National Rural Employment guarantee programme with reference to Karaikkadu village in Cuddalore Block 2010-2011
21 Computer Science Analysis the Programming ability of Students based on Gender|2010-2011
22|Psychology|Guidance Programme to the Rural Youth
22 Psychology Guidance Programme to the Rural Youth 2010-2011
23 Mathematics To Study the flow of certain Medicine in to the blood vessels of the heart, in order to assert the cardial problems using Fuzzy Analysis application 2010-2011
24 Mathematics To study the absorption rate of certain fertilizer by the plants using flow network fuzzy applications. 2010-2011
25 Microbiology Bio-film activity of Bacterial Isolates from Neem leaves 2010-2011
26 English The Twentieth Century American Drama 2010-2011
27 English The Victorian Poetry 2010-2011
28 English The Romatic Age 2010-2011
29 English Criticism from Sidney to Johnson 2010-2011
30 English The Role of English Today 2010-2011
31 Zoology Comparative Study of Certain Artificially cultivated edible mushrooms 2010-2011
32 Zoology Fish Culture in Domestic Sewage 2010-2011
33 Statistics A Bayesian Analysis of structural change problem in linear model 2010-2011
34 Economics The need to reclaim the right to confinement without intervention 2010-2011
35 Physics Designing Electronic Circuits 2010-2011


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