1. When you are entering the library, please wear your I.D. card. Don’t lend and don’t use others.
2. Use scanner for Logging in and Logging out purpose.
3. Keep your bags, books, notebooks, notes, etc. in the place allotted before entering to the library. Use white sheets for taking down notes.
4. Use bank challan for specified transaction.
5. Avoid using cell phones.
6. When you are inside the library, keep yourself engaged with it, not with others.
7. Kindly remember that others also have come for reading.
8. If you are not able to replace the books in the proper place, just leave it on the table; do not insert them in the wrong place. Please avoid hiding books in different places.
9. Reference books, Thesis and Periodicals are available for reference within the library and not for issue.
10. If a student fails to return the Library Book on due date a fine will be collected. If the due date happens to be holiday, the book shall be returned on the next working day.
11. Library is a service organization, not only for today but, for generations. So kindly avoid tampering with books or any other document.
12. All books are to be returned at the end of the academic year, on or before the date specified by the Librarian.
13. Xerox – Only for specific purpose, no outside materials entertained.
14. Library materials should not be xeroxed.
15. All the students of our college become automatically members of the college library and as such they are entitled to make use of the library.

Every Student enrolled in the college should have the Library Card.  Books will be issued or renewed only if the student produces the ID card.
Every UG student will get two, PG student will get fours, and Research  Scholars  will get six Library Cards.
Staff members will get 15 Library Cards.
Library Cards are NON TRANSFERABLE.