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The department deals with ancillary and optional subjects from the Departments of Microbiology and Biochemistry. In addition, Environmental Science subject is being offered to all the departments. As per the EVS Curriculum, field visit trips are planned and assigned to various environmentally significant locations each year. The department also is carrying out student projects to enhance self-employability to the students with the continuous encouragement, suggestions and blessing of our Rev. Fr. Secretary. B.Sc Zoology have been started from the academic year 2018-19.

Offered–Allied Zoology–B.Sc.,Chemistry till 1996.
Offered–Allied Entomology–B.Sc.,Microbiology
Offering Allied Solid Waste Management, Classical Genetics for Microbiology and Advanced Zoology for Biochemistry.
Offering Applied Entomology for Microbiology from the year 2019-20.
Introduced – Environmental Science – 2007-2008.
I B.SC.ZOOLOGY-for shift I has been started in the academic year 2018-19.

To create job oriented and self-employable courses for the students to cope-up with this highly competitive environment.
To improve research options in environmental sciences with respect to Environmental Management and its impact on living beings.
To handle research projects in Environmental Sciences on large-scale basis.

To develop curriculum in favour of the students to get self-employable opportunity for them.
To train the students in mushroom technology and vermi-technology for their self-resistance in their career.
To apply research project proposal to various funding agencies in order to avail financial assistance to carry out research works more efficiently and effectively.

Programmes offered

B.Sc. Zoology


B.Sc. Zoology 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018.

For other Allied Students 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016.


1.     02EM171 Dr. P.   Thenmozhi M.Sc.,M.Phil., M.Ed., Ph.D., HoD   & Assistant Professor
2.     15EM027 Dr. A.   Arulprakash M.Sc.,M.Phil,Ph.D., Assistant   Professor
3.     16EM015 Dr. T. Ganesh   Kumar M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., Assistant   Professor
4.     19EM001 Dr. N.   Jayaprabha M.Sc.,Ph.D.,NET, Assistant   Professor
5.     21EM010 Dr. S. Pravina   Mary M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D., Assistant   Professor


Activities Report 2017-2021.

Board of studies Members


Dr. P. Thenmozhi

Head of the Department

Chair Person


Dr. M. Thirumavalavan

Associate Professor, Department of Zoology

Bharadthidasan College of Arts & Science for Women,


University Nominee


Dr. R. Kannan

Professor & Head,

Department of Zoology

Periyar Govt. Arts College,

Cuddalore – 607001

Subject Expert


Dr. M. Muthulingam

Associate Professor,

Department of Zoology,

D.G. Govt. Arts College for Women, Mayiladuthurai

Subject Expert


Allied Botany



Dr. (Mrs.) S. Sridevi

Assistant Professor, Department of Botany

C. Kandasamy Naidu College for Women

Cuddalore – 607001

University Nominee


Dr. R. Rajendran

Assistant Professor,

Department of Botany

ThiruKolanjiyappar Govt. Arts College


Subject Expert


Dr. A. Arulprakash

Dr. T. Ganesh Kumar

Dr. N. Jayaprabha

Dr. S. Pravina Mary

Internal Members