Established 1991, Recognized u/s 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956 (2006)
Granted Autonomy in 2008
Accredited with โ€˜Aโ€™ Grade with 3.31 CGPA (2017) by NAAC
Affiliated to Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Chidambaram

                                                                       Profile of the College

          St. Josephโ€™s College is a legacy of the 19th century, handed down to us by the venerable fathers of the society of the Foreign Mission of Paris. Its nucleus was the St. Josephโ€™s High School which was started in 1868 A.D. This School was elevated into a college in 1884 A.D. through the efforts of Father Tarbes and was affiliated to the University of Madras. The District- Gazetteer, South Arcot District, has recorded that the prime educational institution and the only college in the District in the 19th century was St. Josephโ€™s College. It once again became a high school in 1909 due to financial and other constraints. Since then, there had been several attempts to revitalize the college. The dream became a reality when the college was reborn as St. Josephโ€™s College of Arts & Science in 1991. The college was inaugurated on 11th October 1991, at a stately function presided over by His Excellency Bhishma Narain Singh, the then Governor of Tamil Nadu through the efforts of Rev. Fr. R. Ratchagar, the then Secretary of the College. The college obtained Permanent Affiliation on 08.02.2008, the Autonomous status on 09.06.2008 and 12(B) Status by the University Grants Commission on 28th August, 2015. The NAAC 3rd Cycle of Re-Accreditation with CGPA of 3.31 on seven point scale at โ€œAโ€ Grade was declared on 22nd February, 2017. Under the leadership of the present Secretary of the College Rev. Fr. Dr. M. Swaminathan our institution is marching towards excellence.

The College bears the Motto โ€œLabor Omnia Vincitโ€, meaning โ€œHard Work conquers Allโ€. With an abiding faith in the efficacy of her labours, the college strives hard to impart value based education aimed at the formation of the integral personality of the student. With the willing co-operation of parents and the whole hearted support of the public, the college hopes to march triumphantly in its noble endeavour.


To Work hard to prepare

*Men and Women academically and technically equipped to steer the Nation along the path of progress and peace.

* Men and Women who will free the Nation from the clutches of Sectarianism and Parochialism.


To Work hard to provide

*Wholesome and Integral Education that will help the students to find their footings in life.

* Ethical and Social values that will help the students to confidently face the challenges of life.

*Human and Community values that will help the students in building up the solidarity of all Indians.


To provide quality education through curriculum at par with that of reputed institutions of higher education, innovative teaching, competent and qualified teachers, supportive systems and by processes of on-going evaluation and continuous refinement leading to holistic development of the student community.


The emblem incorporates an open book, signifying the value of knowledge flanked by a bunch of lilies, which stands for purity of thought, word and deed. At the bottom is a lighted lamp, shedding its luster, inspiring us to be the torch bearers of knowledge, the crown at the top symbolises the glory of right knowledge acquired by Patience and Perseverance, in keeping with the motto, โ€œ LABOR OMNIA VINCIT โ€ inscribed below the coat of arms.