Research projects Completed

Major Research Projects Completed

S.NoDepartmentTitle of the ProjectFunding AgencyDuration
1Commerce“Empowerment of Landless Labourers in Cuddalore District” funded by Malcolm and Elizabeth Adiseshiah Trust, Chennai. Project Cost Rs.1,00,0002 years(2008-2010)

Minor Research Projects carried out by the Departments:

S.NoDepartmentTitle Of The ProjectYear
1MicrobiologyScreening for the presence of potential bacterial pathogens from drinking water sources in Tsunami affected areas|2004–20052004-2005
2StatisticsA Simple Analysis on Ghee Sales Frequency Distribution2004–2005
3MicrobiologySurvey on drinking water in and around Cuddalore2005-2006
4MicrobiologyIsolation of bacterial flora from plants and their characterization2005-2006
5BiochemistryA Clinical Study and Assessment of Heavy Metal Toxicity in the SIPCOT area Cuddalore District2007-2008
6CommerceEmpowerment of Women Through Micro – Financing2007-2008
7HistoryAppar Tank at Karaiyeravittakuppam2007-2008
8MicrobiologyStudy on waterborne pathogens, especially Vibrio cholerae2007-2008
9BiochemistryA Survey on type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and its Awareness in Cuddalore District2008-2009
10ChemistryStudy of Pesticidal Residues in Agricultural Products and their Health Effects2008-2009
11EconomicsFarmers market – a review2008-2009
12CommerceEmpowerment of Landless Agricultural Labours in Cuddalore District2008-2009
13HistorySiva Temple at Thirumanikuzhi2008-2009
14MicrobiologyIdentification and Characterization of waterborne pathogens, Vibrio cholerae2008-2009
15PsychologyA study on the level of depression and suicidal tendency in students2008-2009
16StatisticsA Socio Economic Survey of Farmers of Cuddalore District2008-2009
18ChemistryCost Effective method for the removal of HCH present in the ground water samples of SIPCOT area Cuddalore by zero valent iron nanoparticles2010-2011
19Bio-ChemistryA study on the dietary habits and obesity among students in St. Joseph’s College of Arts and Science (Autonomous), Cuddalore-12010-2011
20CommerceImpact of National Rural Employment guarantee programme with reference to Karaikkadu village in Cuddalore Block2010-2011
21Computer ScienceAnalysis the Programming ability of Students based on Gender|2010-2011
22|Psychology|Guidance Programme to the Rural Youth
22PsychologyGuidance Programme to the Rural Youth2010-2011
23MathematicsTo Study the flow of certain Medicine in to the blood vessels of the heart, in order to assert the cardial problems using Fuzzy Analysis application2010-2011
24MathematicsTo study the absorption rate of certain fertilizer by the plants using flow network fuzzy applications.2010-2011
25MicrobiologyBio-film activity of Bacterial Isolates from Neem leaves2010-2011
26EnglishThe Twentieth Century American Drama2010-2011
27EnglishThe Victorian Poetry2010-2011
28EnglishThe Romatic Age2010-2011
29EnglishCriticism from Sidney to Johnson2010-2011
30EnglishThe Role of English Today2010-2011
31ZoologyComparative Study of Certain Artificially cultivated edible mushrooms2010-2011
32ZoologyFish Culture in Domestic Sewage2010-2011
33StatisticsA Bayesian Analysis of structural change problem in linear model2010-2011
34EconomicsThe need to reclaim the right to confinement without intervention2010-2011
35PhysicsDesigning Electronic Circuits2010-2011


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