Name of the Coordinators:

Mrs.X.Ann Lanka Jeyadharshini, M.A., M.Phil.

Mrs.P.James Mary

Profile of the Organization

The Women Empowerment Cell was formed to empower the women students of our college, to inculcate leadership qualities and instill self confidence in them the students(women) can approach the cell in case of any grievance to be voiced or to address any issues they might face as a woman. As a part of women Empowerment Cell, the Women grievance Redressal Cell takes up issues pertaining to the grievance of Women.

Vision of the Organization:

An Enriched and Enhanced society made possible through empowered women who can positively face the challenges of everyday life

Mission of the Organisation

To help girls gain knowledge of their rights and privileges and thus boost their courage and confidence, to Overcome all obstacles of life


Organising guest lectures on women related issues.

Conducting competitions like talent spot, to awaken the hidden talents of the girls.

Observing International Womenโ€™s Day to celebrate the wonder of being a woman.

Awareness programmes like poster presentation on women and their rights, street plays and oral presentation.

Various extension activities are taken up by our volunteers.

An Entrepreneurial Development event is organized once a year.

Interaction with student representatives on a regular basis.